The Michigan Youth Challenge Academy is a quasi-military 22-week residential program geared toward Michigan’s at-risk youth, ages 16-18, who have dropped out of school or are at risk of dropping out. The Michigan Youth Challenge Academy provides purpose and direction for the future of Michigan’s youth through education and structure.

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The Michigan Youth Challange Academy – YFC Partnership:

Each Sunday, Kalamazoo Youth for Christ and supporting volunteers hold a two-hour chapel service for over one hundred Michigan Youth Challenge Academy cadets. These high-energy services are quite often a cadet’s first time experiencing the power of God’s love.

While incorporating guest speakers and one-on-one counseling/praying, the kids open their damaged hearts to the Lord so that He may heal their wounds and bless their lives.

During each class cycle, we join with volunteers from across the state to hold a three-day retreat weekend for the cadets in Battle Creek. This weekend is a life changing event for the cadets.

Past Michigan Youth Challenge Academy Students:

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