YFC54 Instructions

Ready to get started on YFC54?  Great!  

We've boiled down the steps for a successful event for you here.

  1. Let us know you're going to play!  Register HERE:
  2. Download and review these tools we've put together (if you prefer, we have paper packets of all of this information and are happy to bring a packet to you - just let our office know (269-388-3888) or contact a staff person you know):
    1. Welcome - a quick overview
    2. Your Responsibilities as a golfer - steps and advice on maximizing your efforts to support YFC
    3. A sample letter - you can print, fill in some basic info, then mail to your friends or copy and paste into an email
    4. A sample letter - an editable version of the same letter above. Its in Word format so you can make it your own
    5. Pledge Sheet - keep track of your pledges, who you've collected from and who you need to get back to
    6. Rules of Play and Course Instructions - you won't need this info until you get to the event, but understanding how the three rounds are played may give you some peace of mind about how much easier this event is than you might be thinking. 
    7. Frequently Asked Questions - broken into two sections, these are the things we've learned over the years that help golfers the most. 
  3. Create a fundraising web page of your own - https://give.classy.org/YFC54 
    1. This last step is optional, but those who have used it found it to be very helpful. Here's what it offers:
      1. A chance to tell others why this is important to you! (we've crafted some words to get you started, but you'll have the chance to make it your own)
      2. A great way to accept credit card payment
      3. A great way to share your efforts through your social media
      4. A great way to track your own progress
        1. As you collect offline pledges and donations, we can enter those for your goal-tracking as well! Just email [email protected] 

That's it! Tackle these steps and get started - we are so grateful to have you on board!