“FAQ’s pt 1 - why do you have to fundraise? (and other really good questions)”

7/17/2013 in Category

Wouldn't it be easier just to get a paycheck? Check out my reflections on this and other questions I was asked while I sought partners for my work with YFC here: More

“...the only church I get!”

6/20/2013 in Category

Can schools keep God out? Check out my thoughts here:

“God doesn’t think you’re a dork”

5/8/2013 in Category

Are you a dork? Check out my reflections on two students that shared their stories with us a few weeks ago...and learn what Josh thinks about this question!  Read it here: More

The Power of Community

4/22/2013 in Category

check out some thoughts about what The Silver Ring Thing taught me about the power of (and need for) community.  Read it here: More

The Time is Now

2/10/2013 in Category

posted on Feb. 10, 2013.  Read it here: